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Founded in 1991, WOOKUANG Industries, Inc. is a multinational manufacturing corporation with $200 million of annual sales. We are primarily supplying frame components of construction equipment and completed products of industrial equipment, such as turbo compressors, to globally renowned clients. Delivering the most excellent quality and competitive price are our primary concerns, and we achieve these by strategically operating total 90,900 sqm of production facilities in Korea and China. And, through implementations of ISO 9001(Quality Management), ISO 14001(Environmental Management) and OHSAS 18001(Health & Safety Management), we provide highly consistent and reliable services to our clients. Based on steady growth of the company since its establishment, we have been constantly investing our resources in development of effective technologies and appropriate facilities to solidify our competitiveness in global market. Now, WOOKUANG is emerging as a globally recognized and renowned manufacturing brand.

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Business Areas

  • Heavy Equipment Components

    Construction Equipment Frames
    Mining Equipment Parts
    Agricultural Equipment Frames
  • Idustrial Equipment Products

    Turbo Compressors
    Robotic Equipment
    Other Heavy Industrial Equipment
  • Other Structural Components

    Shipbuilding T-bars & Frames
    Train Bolsters & Vehicle Frames
    Civil & Architectural Steel Frames


Factory1 Factory2A Factory2B Factory3 Factory5 KTCFactory
Location Foundation Purpose Area Employees Capacity
Incheon, Korea May, 1994 Steel Fabrication 11,308 sqm 54 15,000 tons/year
Yantai, China June, 1996 Steel Fabrication 25,000 sqm 159 30,000 tons/year
Yantai, China January, 2013 Equipment Production 8,000 sqm 42 350 units/year
Gunsan, Korea July, 2012 Steel Fabrication 16,600 sqm 36 12,000 tons/year
March, 2004 January, 2013 Steel Cutting 10,000 sqm 79 52,000 tons/year
Yantai, China October, 2001 Steel Fabrication 20,000 sqm 299 30,000 tons/year









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