Business Areas

We primarily perform manufacturing of frame components of heavy equipment and complete production of complex industrial equipment on the basis of our flexible manufacturing capabilities, various machines & equipment assets and advanced technologies & expertise in the field of heavy industry.


Heavy Equipment Components

We cut, fold and weld proven quality steel plates to produce highly sophisticated form of heavy components carrying durable structural strength. Our heavy component products are being applied as primary frameworks for construction equipment, mining equipment and agricultural equipment of major brands from around the world.

Construction Equipment Frames Mining Equipment Parts Agricultural Equipment Frames

Industrial Equipment Products

We produce complex machines and core equipment for industrial plants as both OEM products and our own brand products. Especially, for our robotic equipment products, we have been building our technology-intensive capabilities in the entire process from design & manufacturing to installations & services.

Turbo Compressors Robotic Equipment Other Heavy Industrial Equipment

Other Structural Components

Other than heavy equipment components, we also produce parts that require high durability and precision such as frame parts of transportation body and steel structure parts used in civil & architecture industries.

Shipbuilding T-bars & Frames Train Bolsters & Vehicle Frames Civil & Architectural Steel Frames

Current Products

Previous Products

Products Country Company Items Period
Cable Tunnel Singapore SPPA
(Singapore Power Assets)
Repetitive curved steel structure frames
supporting the body of tunnel
Industrial Boilers China Yantai Hyundai Heavy Industries Fabricated steel pipes for industrial boiler machines 2013-2016
Shipbuilding Korea DSME
(Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering)
T-bars for commercial vessels 2007-2012
Coal Mining Austrailia Ludowichi Steel frame parts for industrial coal crushers 2007-2012
Oil Platform China Quingdao Tianshi Petroleum Machinery Base, pump cover & body, gearbox assemblies for
offshore oil platform
Train Bolsters United Kingdom EWS
(England Wales & Scottish Railway)
Beams and frame assemblies for train bolsters 2007