5 reasons
why we are


Multinational Facilities & Effective Benefits

It’s only about 400 kilometers from the Factory 1 in Korea to the Factory 5 in China; nevertheless, two completely different business environments are facing each other. From 30 years of experience in such interrelated environment, we exactly know how to provide reliable and profitable business solutions to our clients by utilizing a variety of unique conditions, including material controls, cost sensitivities, taxation, customs, logistics, laws & regulations and international interests, as strategic components of our business.


Corporate Independence & Focus on Clients

We have secured the corporate independence through ownership management, and we pursue flexible, quick and discretionary decision making for the benefit of our clients only, not for the interests of shareholders. Also, our company aims to build strong and mutually profitable relationships with clients & partners rather than seeking short-term performances.


Professional Leaders & Transparent Management

We have established an organization system managed by COOs & CFOs with proven management skills to gain significant and serious expertise in productions and operations. Each executive conducts and supports transparent and goal-oriented decision makings with complying our distinct regulations of their responsibilities & authorities. And, by all acknowledging the management goal of ‘Absolute Competitiveness by Value Creation’, we persist to reinvest in the value of our products rather than in the pursuit of particular profits. This, our reinvestment, will ultimately be converted into the profits of our clients.


Consistent Quality & Competitive Price

The following are the reasons why we can improve and maintain our quality and price competitiveness while we mass produce a variety of customized products:

  • Obsessive standards of qualities in entire process from the purchase of materials to productions and services.
  • Strategic investment in modernization of the facilities and equipment such as robots and automated machines.
  • Steady supervision and distinct policies for development, implementation and maintenance of all technologies.
  • Managerial and personnel supports for analytical work of production & cost efficiencies and relevant researches.
  • Separate internal organization inspection and third-party inspection for the highest quality management.


Market-leading Clients & Trusted Networks

WOOKUANG has been chosen by world’s most renowned companies to create their world’s leading products, and it is the proof that our competitiveness level confidently meets the top global standards. This is not just a result of our own technological skills, but a result of building reliable business relationships with our outstanding clients and qualified partners for a long period of time. All of our businesses are supported by these quality networks.