The goal of our technological development is to grant maximum values to every single product and this is the source of our competitiveness and distinctiveness that make WOOKUANG to stand out in the market. All the investments we make for the development and applications of the technologies are converted into the profits of our clients through the powerful improvement of operational efficiencies and product qualities.


Heavy Equipment Components Manufacturing


We independently optimize and perform the entire manufacturing process, from process planning to product deliveries, for the purpose of efficient mass productions of heavy components of construction, mining and agricultural equipment.

Robotic Equipment Engineering & Applied Production


For robotic equipment products, we know how to offer comprehensive services ranging from automation planning, design and engineering to manufacturing, installations, programming, test drive and customer services. Also, most importantly, we offer efficiency improvement solutions for clients through our robot performance analysis and calibration programs.

Complex Mechnical Equipment Production & Process Management


We perform the entire process of complex mechanical equipment productions, from components manufacturing, procurement and assemblies to inspections, test drives and performance analyses, based on solutions derived for the enhancement of production efficiencies.

Customized Manufacturing for Non-pressure Parts of Steam Generators


We have knowledge and experience in manufacturing non-pressure parts and customized built-in beams for steam generators. Our production efficiencies and the quality of products are managed based on our own technological expertise with implementations of precise tests and inspections to satisfy prescribed specifications.


Mass Customization Process & Optimization


With our capability to systematize and optimize the mass customized manufacturing process of heavy equipment components, we create solutions to the efficiency problems on productions and costs while maximize and maintain the qualities of our products.

Cost Efficient Supply Chain Development


We educate and foster high-value suppliers and other partners by utilizing WOOKUANG’s unique technological capabilities for manufacturing, operating and quality management. Also, strategies for the most effective procurement environment are carried out and implemented through our comprehensive cost-effectiveness analyses.

Logistics Optimization


We have developed exceptional techniques of packaging & loading and labeling & tracking methods for high-value heavy products to provide improvement strategies on efficiencies for the costs and logistics reliability.


Steel Plate Quality Self-inspection


All steel plates we purchase for the production are physically and chemically pretested in-house to safeguard the essential quality of our products.

Welding Inspection & Defect Tracking


We provide fundamental solutions for welding issues by performing smart defect tracking methods and our own destructive & nondestructive inspections for precision products.

Liquid Painting Quality Enhancement


We coat products in our own large-scale in-house painting shop and they maintain consistent and highest level of quality thanks to our qualified technologies for surface quality enhancement and process modifications techniques.

Fluid Machine Performance Analysis & Inspection


Through self-analyses and inspections on fluid machines, such as precision wind tunnel tests and three-dimensional measurements, we make accurate & effective solutions for problems found and even improve & adjust associated production technologies.